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The average commute can last 20 to 30 minutes, or more! Why not spend your time in the car (or mowing the lawn, or shopping for groceries, or…) learning about things that will fuel your imagination, spark conversations and make you the smartest person in the room?


Commute – the podcast; you’ll be smarter when you get there!


Ep. 84

The chess cheating scandal. | We love and hate fish sticks. | Why that sticker on the back of the car says 26.2.

1) Magnus Carlson is the Michael Jordan of the Chess world. When he recently lost to unknown Hans Niemann and then accused Niemann of cheating, was it sour grapes or does he have a point?

2) Of all foods in the frozen food aisle of your local grocery store, none are as unusual as the fish stick. None are as interesting, either.

3) The marathon is the crown jewel of running accomplishments. 26.2 miles is tough, but also sounds somewhat random. Who decided on the length?

Ep. 83

The MLB Hall of Shame Voting System. | 867-5309 is my actual phone number. | Reinventing legos.

1) What slight do baseball legends Ken Griffey Jr., Babe Ruth, and Ted Williams have in common? Why does the Baseball Hall of Fame voting process frustrate us all? Yes, these things are related.

2) In the 1980s, one-hit wonder band Tommy Tutone rose to prominence with their catchy single 867-5309/Jenny, but what about the people who actually owned that phone number? We check in on a few of them.

3) For years legos have been a go-to gift idea for kids of all ages. Recent years have seen changes in the legendary colorful building blocks – changes that have taken the company from the verge of bankruptcy to the biggest boardrooms in corporate America.

Ep. 81

The Taco Liberty Bell. | The man who beat the Price is Right. | Recreating Eden.

1) Companies will try almost anything to get you to notice them – with some things more outlandish than others. So, did Taco Bell really try to purchase the Liberty Bell?

2) Ted Slauson is like any average person. He gets up, heads to a job, spends time with his family, and has hobbies – it just so happens one of those hobbies is memorizing every prize and price on the long-running game show The Price is Right.

3) Reality shows can teach us a lot about ourselves. When Scottish TV decided to base a reality show on re-starting human civilization, what could go wrong? Hint: a lot.

Ep. 81

The Tunnel of Love – fact or fiction? | Who owns the moon? | The podcast that doesn’t just talk about murders, it solves them.

1) Thanks to pop culture, we’re all familiar with the Tunnel of Love ride. A couple floats into the tunnel (riding in a swan-shaped boat), emerging more in love on the other side. But raise your hand if you’ve ever actually seen one. Seeing no hands, we’ll continue…

2) It’s rare today to find a piece of land that someone doesn’t claim ownership of. Who knew that extended to… the moon?

3) Podcasts entertain us by covering various topics – everything from personal finance to true crime. One true crime podcast did more than entertain – it solved a decades-old murder.


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