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Commute – the podcast; you’ll be smarter when you get there!


Ep. 81

The Tunnel of Love – fact or fiction? | Who owns the moon? | The podcast that doesn’t just talk about murders, it solves them.

1) Thanks to pop culture, we’re all familiar with the Tunnel of Love ride. A couple floats into the tunnel (riding in a swan-shaped boat), emerging more in love on the other side. But raise your hand if you’ve ever actually seen one. Seeing no hands, we’ll continue…

2) It’s rare today to find a piece of land that someone doesn’t claim ownership of. Who knew that extended to… the moon?

3) Podcasts entertain us by covering various topics – everything from personal finance to true crime. One true crime podcast did more than entertain – it solved a decades-old murder.

Ep. 80

The Cobra Effect. | The staying power of Weird Al Yankovich. | Keep Calm & Carry On.

1) What can rats and cobras teach us about unintended consequences? More than you may think.

2) For over 40 years, he’s been producing parody songs such as “Amish Paradise” and “Eat it.” How has Weird Al Yankovich not only survived but thrived for decades in the brutal world of comedy?

3) You’ve probably seen it before, the famous slogan – “keep calm and carry on,” has been molded to fit just about every industry (we see you librarians and your “keep calm and read a book” shirts). Where did this phrase come from?

Ep. 79

How many licks does it take? | War of Worlds Revisited. | The strange history of the rolling suitcase.

1) It’s a question that wasn’t meant to be answered, but you know how scientists can be. So, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?

2) You’ve probably heard about the infamous 1938 War of the Worlds radio broadcast where Orson Welles sent the nation into a panic by staging a pretend alien invasion. While the alien attack never happened, the national panic was real – or was it?

3) The rolling suitcase has often been labeled as one of the most significant failures in innovation. After all, we sent a man to the moon before we figured out how to put wheels on a suitcase. But is there more to the story?

Ep. 78

Rock, paper, scissors, but seriously. | CD clubs and complicated subscriptions. | The World of Warcraft virtual pandemic.

1) Although most of us only play rock, paper, scissors to settle a petty dispute or see who has to take out the trash, there is (of course) an entire subculture that takes the game VERY seriously.

2) In the 1990s, CD clubs offered deals that seemed too good to be true – like promising eight new albums for a penny. Of course, nothing is ever easy.

3) Ever since the rise of COVID-19, health experts have wondered how to stay ahead of future pandemics. Well, what if a video game could simulate what a virus outbreak might be like? Years ago, the game World of Warcraft accidentally did just that.


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