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Ep. 66

The origin of the word Bluetooth | Heads I win – Tails I win. The gambling secrets of Mattress Mack. | Yasuke, the unlikely samurai

Do we ever stop to think where the words we use came from? Case study: Bluetooth.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could gamble and never lose? Houston furniture mogul Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale may have figured it out.

In 1579, a mysterious man from Africa arrived in Japan and lived quietly and anonymously, but by the end of his time there he would become a legend.

Ep. 65

Video game movies are usually awful. Why? | The Salem Witch Trials revisited | The famous chef who had it all – including a secret

Video games are big business, pulling in over $37 billion per year in domestic sales. So why can’t we make a good movie based on one?

In the late 1600s, the town of Salem, Massachusetts, dissolved into total hysteria and violence during the infamous Salem Witch Trials. But what caused the panic in the first place?

Acclaimed chef David Ruggerio had it all – published cookbooks, a show on the Food Network…and a sinister secret.

Ep. 64

Inflation comes for the Tooth Fairy | The best kind of blacklist | Joey Chestnut is the G.O.A.T.

Prices are increasing at the fastest rate since the early 1980s. While we all feel it at the grocery store and the gas pumps, inflation is hitting another market sector, as well – the Tooth Fairy.

We’ve heard of someone or something being blacklisted, right? An action has happened that brings with it a level of distrust and rejection. In 2005 a new type of blacklisting began, but this blacklist often ends with an award-winning green light.

Michael Jordan. Tiger Woods. Tom Brady… and Joey Chestnut?

Ep. 63

Thank you for NOT smoking | Big Foot lives | Why do we sleep?

Smoking or non-smoking? Until the late 1990’s, this was the question at restaurants, bowling alleys, and on airplanes. Why did the smoking option go away? And we examine one town in America actually trying to completely eliminate smoking.

The Patterson-Gimlin film has been the definitive Big Foot documentation since 1967. It didn’t take long, though, for the two men to disagree on just what they saw. (+ Dave has a plan for he and Jay to join a Big Foot expedition.)

For 7-8 hours per night we do nothing … or do we? What happens while we sleep, and is lack of sleep really more dangerous than terrorism?!


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